Chris Farlowe

Forty years ago we’d never have believed it. Chris Farlowe, vocalist supreme, arriving in Wimborne on his bus pass and dishing up a stew of funk, soul and rock ‘n’ roll that really hit the spot.

Yet just a week shy of his seventieth birthday, Farlowe was proud to declare that his Freedom Pass had worked, even in the depths of Dorset. Happily, he was also in astonishingly fine voice. 

Backed by the utterly brilliant and ever-reliable Norman Beaker Band, Farlowe performed not only  his big hits but also some personal favourites. He showed impeccable taste.

Alongside Handbags and Gladrags and Out Of Time there were extraordinarily soulful readings of a number of vintage  R&B classics. The interplay between musicians was outstanding. Farlowe’s  big, big voice did it’s work but was always tempered by his finely tuned sense or quality control. 

Stand out tracks  included a beautiful bluesy version of Lonnie Mack’s Tough on Me, Tough on You and the joyous funk-fest that was James Brown’s Outta Sight.

Opening act were Paint It Blue, a five piece influenced heavily by the British blues scene in the 1960s and particularly Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac. They set the mood to perfection.

Jeremy Miles

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