Dennis Locorriere

By Jeremy Miles

When your soon to be ex-wife tells you that you’re a taker, a user and a waste of space, what better way of dealing with the situation than by putting it all into a song and bunging it on your latest CD.

That’s what Dennis Locorriere did and now his gleefully bitter swipe at the former Mrs L forms an integral part of his latest concert programme.

In fact when it comes to exorcising failed relationships in song, Locorriere has form. Also included in the Tivoli concert was another carefully sharpened ditty that aimed its bile at “the other ex-wife”. This of course is creative revenge at its most impressive.  Not that Locorriere’s tour will have the good folks at Relate wringing their hands in despair. There’s far too much sweetness, light and good humour for that. There’s also irony, pathos, angst, exceptionally skilful songwriting and some stunning musicianship.

Backed by his new band featuring Pete Brown on guitar, Rich Milner on keyboards, Mike Nicholls on bass, Amy Smith on piano and vocals and local Wimborne boy Paul Beavis on drums, the one-time ‘voice of Dr Hook’ was in inspirational mood.

His inimitable vocals breathed life and narrative joy into songs that ranged from old hits like Sylvia’s Mother and A Little Bit More to numbers from his new album Post Cool. 

Of course Locorriere is one of those singers who is so instantly recognisable that going to one of his concerts could be just like listening to the radio. No chance. He clearly relishes being let loose on the live stage and the oh so familiar catalogue of carefully modulated crooning and comedy  is  punctuated by hollers and screeches as he bounces around skittering back and forth behind the microphone. 

The band were spectacular, particularly multi-talented (son of Joe) Brown and the extraordinary Beavis who, playing in front of a hometown crowd, appeared at times to be possessed by the spirit of Keith Moon. Combining powerhouse drumming with dextrous displays of immense subtlety he nailed the excitement and spirit of the evening with deceptive ease.  A great night!

© Jeremy Miles 2022