Julie Felix

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The money men from the three main political parties may have been slugging it out on TV but who needs “bread-heads” when you’ve got a real live counter-culture heroine singing songs of passion, pain and protest?

Watching sixties survivor Julie Felix slashing at her guitar and railing against war, greed, and those that oppress and manipulate was a bit like travelling back 40 years to the days when she sang alongside Dylan, Cohen and Paxton.

Monday's Lighthouse show may have been a little ragged around the edges and there were sound problems that, after a false start, delayed proceedings for half and hour, but Felix is a free-spirit and joyous performer.

The girl who hitch-hiked across Europe and found herself with a serious TV career after a chance meeting with David Frost in a lift, is in her early 70s now. She doesn’t look it. In fact she’s like a child forgotten by time, keeping the faith and spirit of the sixties alive. 

The songs ranged from Dylan protest classics like Masters of War and A Hard Rain’s A Gonna Fall to Woody Guthrie’s early dustbowl ballads  and a series of singalong favourites. Ever versatile she even gave us a reprise of her drama college role as Second Witch in Macbeth.

Jeremy Miles

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