Paul Lamb and the Kingsnakes

They are reckoned by many to be the best blues band in Britain and after witnessing harmonica hero Paul Lamb and The King Snakes in action at Forest Arts at the weekend I’m not about to argue.

This is a superb band by anyone’s standards - a five piece that combines a love of the blues with skill, experience and easy showmanship, delivering a powerhouse performance that knocks your proverbial socks off’

As  an anonymous but oft quoted music writer once said: “They play blues in the same way Brando used to straddle a Triumph…. lazily, cocksure, coolly and aggressive” 

Led by the irrepressible Lamb on a succession of mouth harps, the band features bassman Rod Demick, drummer Mike Thorne, vocalist/guitarist Chad Strentz and Paul’s son Ryan Lamb on lead guitar.

One may be tempted to think that he only got the gig because he’s the bosses son. No way young Ryan, like the rest of the band, is a musician of rare talent. He’s only 24. Remember the name. He’ll go far.

The band  played a compelling mixture of traditional blues, new material from the forthcoming album, Mind Games, a spot of gospel with numbers like Nearer My God To Thee and even a detour into the country-soaked cry of pain that is Folsom Prison Blues.

Jeremy Miles

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