Van Morrison


MAYBE not one of Morrison’s all time classic Pavilion concerts but prettty good all the same. This evening of jazz blues and R&B offered flashes of sheer genius alongside a more than workmanlike performance by one of the best touring bands around.

Boasting a  phenomenal six piece outfit sporting trumpet, sax, drums, bass, guitar and keyboards plus old mate Chris Farlowe on occasional vocals, this was a  night to remember.

Van, minus his trademark hat for the first time in years, was on good form but seemed at times just a little tense.His band, booted and suited, and turned out in their Sunday (or maybe it was their Wednesday) best played sublimely. The sax and trumpet were particularly spectacular.

The evening opened with Farlow running through favourites that included Handbags and Gladrags and Out of Time.

 Morrison kicked off with some new materal from last years Down The Road album but cheerily gave fans a selection that included classics like Here Comes the Night, Brown Eyed Girl, Moondance and an encore with Farlowe on Gloria followed by a superb if playful version of Dylan’s  It’s All Over Now Baby Blue. Don’t know what Bob would have made of it, but it was fun. 

Best track of the evening though was undoubtedly Wildlife, Sensational!!

Jeremy Miles

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