Aladdin: Bournemouth Pavilion Theatre

Bournemouth’s pantomime season is off to a rip-roaring start with an all-singing, all-dancing production of Aladdin. With a fine performance from Anthony Rickman in the title role and an excellent supporting cast, the show which plays the town’s Pavilion until 5th of January, is rock solid if perhaps a little too long.

Driven by regular festive funsters Noel Brodie as Wishee Washee and David Ball (who also directs) as his mum, the outrageous Widow Twankey, it makes a fine job of this traditional tale about the penniless son of a  washerwoman who woos the daughter of an Emperor, Princess Jasmine (Kelly Agredo).

With a mix of romance, song and knockabout humour it finds good triumphing over evil as conman Abanazer (Richard Blackwood) is confounded in his attempts to thwart Aladdin’s plans using a magic lamp to steal the Princess and her father’s fortune.

There are fine performances too from Dan Sadler as idiotic PC Pong and Amelia Lily as the Sprit of the Ring. There’s a lot  of fun along the way with some splendid slapstick nonsense in the laundry room, much booing and hissing, a super-camp Genie of the Lamp (Callum Tempest) and some rather good singing and dancing.

Alas this show is not without its faults though. Despite its often frenetic pace, there are times when it palls a little. However there’s nothing that couldn’t be improved with a little tightening up and I’m sure that will happen fairly soon.  

Jeremy Miles

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