The Sociable Plover

An anally-retentive twitcher stuck in a hide somewhere in East Anglia might not seem like the most promising main character for a play about a psycho killer on the loose.

 Just wait until you meet Roy Tunt. He’s neat, quiet and unassuming with, it seems, just two things on his mind - tidying the hide and awaiting the arrival of the rarely seen Sociable Plover. 

The joy of Tim Whitnall’s beautifully written and  cleverly constructed thriller is his skill in twisting and turning the plot, wrong-footing the audience in a most enjoyable way.

This production features Guy Masterson giving a compelling performance as the fussy, boring, borderline obsessive compulsive Tunt.

Ronnie Toms plays Dave, a grimy stranger who arrives at the hide hungry, rain-soaked, and exhausted. Reluctantly Tunt allows the rough and uncouth visitor to stay and eventually even offers him some of his special spicy chicken-paste sandwiches. 

He will later discover that Dave is carrying a gun. Dave meanwhile will have very good reason for regretting eating those sandwiches.

 Everything comes to a head when a  police message comes over the radio - there’s a dangerous criminal at large. Things however are not quite as they seem.

Jeremy Miles

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