The Sound of Music


The Sound of Music: Bournemouth Pavilion - Tuesday 16th August, 2016

What a wonderful production! Lavish sets, a great score, a heart-warming story, beautiful choreography and a talented cast. What more can you ask for? Of course it’s tried and tested material but Bill Kenwright’s new touring production of The Sound Of Music is a class piece of theatre by anyone’s standards.

By the way if you were a little concerned about a runner-up from TV’s The Voice taking the lead role of Maria you can pack up those prejudices right away. Lucy O’Byrne is brilliant as the feisty wannabe nun sent from her abbey to become governess to the singing von Trapp Family. One earlier reviewer on this tour even suggested that she is the best Maria since Julie Andrews herself in the classic 1965 movie. Not sure about that but she is certainly a revelation. We will be hearing much more from the lovely and talented Lucy.

The story of course is set in the Austrian Tyrol in the late 1930s as world war threatens and the Nazis take control. Maria, sent out into the world for a little more experience before taking her vows, melts the heart of stern, grieving widower Captain von Trapp (Andrew Lancel) as she brings life, fun and music back to his home and more importantly to his seven children.

There are great performances all round particularly from O’Byrne, Lancel, Jan Hartley as the Mother Abbess and of course the children. The audience loved the wonderful and oh so familiar Rodgers and Hammerstein songs like Do-Re-Mi, Maria, My Favourite Things, The Lonely Goatherd, Sixteen Going On Seventeen and of course Climb Ev’ry Mountain.

They wept tears of joy as Maria is persuaded to leave the convent in favour of becoming the next Baroness von Trapp and when, at the final curtain, the jackboots arrive and the family escape across the mountains to the safety of Switzerland they were on their feet giving a standing ovation.

*The Sound of Music is at the Bournemouth Pavilion until Saturday 20th August and continues to tour nationally until October,

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