Britt Ekland

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Her first night with Peter Sellers was spent unconscious in a haze of marijuana and she started her romance with Rod Stewart throwing up in the bathroom of his hotel suit. 

Britt Ekland does not have a good track record with men. What she does have is a great story to tell. 

This one-woman show finds the veteran actress - 67-years-old but looking stunning in a sequined sixties style trouser suit - spilling the beans on a life that has taken her from a traditional childhood in Sweden to the glamour and grotesquery of Hollywood and beyond.

Along the way she endured a nightmare marriage to the jealous and controlling Sellers and doomed relationships with everyone from aristocrat photographer Lord Lichfield and actor George Hamilton to millionaire record producer Lou Adler and of course rock star Rod. 

Even her second marriage to Stray Cats drummer Slim Jim Phantom got off to a rocky start. She managed to get arrested for drink driving the night she met him. 

This entertaining and gently self-deprecating show shines a not too revealing spotlight on the ups and downs of Britt’s strange celebrity life.

It reveals among other things that she’s finally given up men. The only significant male in her life these days is a chihuahua called Tequila. 

Jeremy Miles

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