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Brace yourselves! The Queen of the Aga saga, has been slumming it and talking to working class people on...gasp!... Tyneside.

It’s alright though it was all in the name of literary art and even though Joanna Trollope says she found Newcastle “like a foreign country”, she loved the city and it’s people.

This is the woman who Will Self so memorably described as a lower-middlebrow novelist with just enough sophistication to convince her readers that they’re getting an upper-middlebrow product. Happily she seems unperturbed by the labels and assumptions that the media lay at her feet,

At Lighthouse she got down to what she does best - selling books. In this case her new novel The Other Family. She read tantalising extracts in which Newcastle featured quite heavily, as indeed did London. These are the cities that bookend the central character’s life. In this case a man who spends most of the book being dead. This is OK though because he has left behind two families - a wife and son in the North East and a partner and three daughters in the capital. What else has he left? Unless you bought an advance copy at the Poole reading, you’ll have to wait until The Other Family is published on February 18 to find out. Miss Trollope gave little away in her question and answer session.

Jeremy Miles

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