A brief history of Tim


An Audience With Tim Brooke-Taylor at G Live in Guildford, Tuesday  2nd October 2012    Picture: Hattie Miles

You live and learn. Went to Guildford last night to see Tim Brooke-Taylor in An Audience With… Fresh off a Turkish golf course our Tim was in cheery mood as, in conversation with Chris Serle, he revealed some hitherto little known facts about his life and career. For instance I bet you didn't know that the young Tim was one of only two boys at his prep school and consequently found himself drafted into The Brownies. "I didn't  actually have to wear the costume," he assured us. Costume? What a luvvie! It's a uniform Tim. 

His mum was a games mistress at Cheltenham Ladies College and he was destined to become a small town solicitor like his father and grandfather before him. Then Tim found himself at Cambridge with contemporaries like John Cleese, Bill Oddie and Graeme Garden. The rest is history and, as it happens, pure comedy gold. 

The mild-mannered former Goodie and stalwart of BBC Radio 4's I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue  also described how he acted with Sharon Tate just weeks before she was slaughtered by the Manson gang and how he actually got to direct the great Orson Welles in a movie. 

The majn reason we went to Guildford was so that Hattie to get some more live theatre shots for the Clive Conway Productions website.  As you can tell from the image above she did rather well.

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