A Year in the Salt Pans


Peter Joyce in his studio in France                                                                                        Picture by Jo Long 

It was so good to see our old friends Peter Joyce and Jo Long on Saturday (Nov 10) at the opening of Peter's latest exhibition of paintings A Year in the Salt Pans. 

The  show runs until 30th November at the beautiful Jenna Burlingham Fine Art Gallery in Kingsclere near Newbury. It's title is a reference to the atmospheric marsh landscape near Peter and Jo's home in Western France.  

Peter Joyce painting (salt pan)

Twenty five paintings trace Peter's close-study of the area, with its other-worldly charm and man-made salt pans, through a single calendar year.

Though it had only been open for a few hours, the show was proving  extremely popular with paintings flying off the wall. In the short time we were there at least one man paid over £11,000 for one of the works.

 Many paintings displayed red dots.  It's good to see Peter doing so well. He's a fine painter and a thoroughly decent bloke. Jo, equally wonderful, had brought us a gift of a jar of her home made medlar jelly. 

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