Lefty - 18th May 1999 - 4th December 2012


A sad farewell today to Lefty - our pet and lovely feline companion for the past 13 years. She was diagnosed some months ago as having a tumour in her stomach but, apart from losing weight, until very recently she seemed surprisingly healthy. Around two weeks ago she started becoming a little breathless but seemed to be suffering no pain, had a glossy coat, bright eyes and a playful nature that never deserted her. Early this morning her little heart just stopped and she simply keeled over. We buried her in the garden where she had played, hunted and enjoyed so many adventures. Her  grave is beneath a winter jasmine in full flower. We will miss her dreadfully. She has been a part of our lives for a very long time. Her sister Dora is still with us and  in rude health. 

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