Olympic Torch

 MG 5970

For weeks now I've been ridiculing all those people who are getting hysterically excited about the Olympic Torch. All that fuss about a flame on a stick. The whole thing smacked of mass manipulation. An object lesson in how to boost the morale of a nation in a state of collective despair over the collapsing economy, thieving bankers, phone-tapping journalists, failing businesses, weak politicians and the chaos wreaked by a never-ending catalogue of austerity measures. What a lying, cheating mess! Even the weather has been unremittingly foul. 

 Anyhow guess what?  Last week I discovered that the Olympic Flame would be run right past the end of my road and, like the contrary human being that I am, I suddenly got interested.

 I joined thousands of people lining the route just a few dozen metres from my front door and have to admit that it was fun althoiugh I could have done with the relentless marketing of  Olympic partner Samsung who sent a man ahead on a small motorised tricycle dishing out heavily branded balloons. The picture shows torch bearer Lei Ge from Beijing jogging past my local shops. 

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