Thoughts on the funeral of Rob Zuradzki

Rob Zurazki Funeral

We said a fond farewell to our old friend Rob Zuradzki yesterday.  He died in September. He was only 60 but had 'lived life to the full."  This was the phrase used by the clergyman who conducted his funeral service at the Woodland Burial Ground outside Wimborne. It was a remarkably jolly  affair with music by the Beach Boys, a singalong to Carry On Regardless by the Beautiful South and happy memories shared by friends and family.  It was followed by an 'After Show Party' complete with Hog Roast  at a  large pub outside Christchurch.  

Rob meanwhile was buried, by request, facing another pub.  This was a man who had spent a working lifetime booking and promoting rock 'n' roll and country acts. As anyone who can remember rock concerts of 30 or 40 years ago will tell you, the schedules at gigs were haphazard to say the least. Bands turning up late arriving on stage at 11pm and then indulging in 20 minute guitar solos. Rob was a man of his era and never a good time-keeper. It was therefore fitting that his family decided that he should turn up 10 minutes late for his own funeral. 

The congregation included some grizzled old music business veterans understood this. They knew Zuradzki of old and they also knew that behind the bumbling facade there was a man who seldom shirked when it came to cracking a deal.  As the vicar commented on  Rob passing to a better place one old rocker pushed back his shades and  remarked. "Knowing Zuradzki, he's probably already up there promoting the celestial choir."

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