What a to do Ron Ron


Ron Hands feared he'd suffered a stroke                                                                                   Picture: Hattie Miles

Went to see our old chum Ron Hands the other day. He'd been in the wars, dialling 999 after waking in the early hours fearing that he might have suffered a stroke. He was appalled at the way he had been dumped in a wheelchair in A&E for hours before being seen by a doctor. An 80-year-old alone and frightened left most of the night - 2.30am - 6.30am - with only a drunken hen party for company before being reassured that his swollen face and dropped mouth were not symptoms of a stroke. He was told he was  "probably"  suffering from a dental abscess and packed off home with some antibiotics.  Now Ron has raised more than £100,000 in funds - around three quarters of it for that for that particular hospital - the Royal Bournnemouth - after setting up a charity in the name of his late wife.  Although he didn't want to make a big deal of his charity efforts, he had fired off a note to the boss of the local NHS hospitals  trust  pleading that in future more thought is put into the treatment and care of elderly people. Hattie took some pictures and I wrote a story. The Mail online printed this today.


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